New Members' Welcome Package

Welcome to you as a new member. We aim to be a friendly helpful club who are competitive but also social. Below are a few pointers to help you settle and hopefully answer any queries. Any problems please feel free to ask any committee member (names found on the RBC website).

We aim to be seated by 6.30pm to enable the TD time to organise the tables to start promptly at 6.45pm.

We aim to play quickly and quietly, as we have to play 24 boards but be cleared away and have vacated the building by 10.00pm.

Due to the above we have no break but you are welcome (when waiting) to buy coffee or other refreshments at the bar.

We have no break in the summer but do not play on Bank Holidays. There will always be a reminder the previous week.

We ask at the start of each session if anyone needs a partner for the following week; also Muriel is your point of contact throughout the week. If no one from the club requires a partner by Sunday you are entitled to bring a visitor from the waiting list. This will be for a fee of £3.

Thanks to Judith sitting up on Monday night we are able to review the results first thing on Tuesday morning on the RBC website.

As we have a long waiting list we do require a minimum attendance of 20 sessions.

At the end of each year at the social Christmas party we present Championship and most improved player prizes. They are both calculated by using everyone’s best 25 scores throughout the year.

 The membership and competitive year runs from January to December. The AGM is usually held in February with annual subscriptions being due after this.



Most players play ACOL so please indicate to opponents if you play anything else.

Our local rule ……. please re-deal if the hand is passed out at the first time of playing.

To speed up play we ask the defender to lead before writing the contract on the scorecard.

To help the TD we ask that the cards are counted face down when they are taken from the holder and again before they are replaced (especially dummy).