Etiquette for club members at Rodborough Bridge Club.

 We are a friendly Club and will make you most welcome, we are sure that you will enjoy playing with us for a long time and it will help if the following points could be followed.

1. Arrive at 18:30 to assist in the Preparation of the tables and the boards ready for an 18:45 start.

2. Decide who within the pair is North/South or East/West and stick to those positions throughout the evening, except as directed by the movement card.

3. If you are North, ensure that both pairs names and numbers are written clearly on the first traveller of your boards.

4. Check the Movement card to see which table you will move to next and who you are following.

5. At the start of the evening do not remove cards from the board until told to by the Director.

6. Count your cards BEFORE you start arranging your hand.

7. Decide on your bid BEFORE reaching for a bid from the Bidding Box.

8. After bidding is complete, DO NOT REMOVE YOUR BIDS UNTIL dummy is faced on the Table.

9. Boards must remain on the table throughout play.

10.Person on lead should play lead card BEFORE completing their personal scorecard, this will save time.

11.When playing as dummy DO NOT INDICATE OR TOUCH ANY CARD until requested to by partner.

12.When play is complete, lightly shuffle your hand and return to the board.

13.North is responsible for entering the score on the traveller,( Please write clearly in capitals the contract, who played it, and the score. - Please make sure that N and W are clearly written - It is often difficult to distinguish between the two.) East must check what North has written.

14.If you wish to chat at the end of your play whilst waiting to "Change", do so Quietly.

15.Whilst it is permissible to briefly review previous scores on the traveller, when the table is behind and others are waiting, it is discourteous to do so. ( If you spot a mistake on the traveller, please inform the director straight away, do not put a ?, the problem must be corrected.)

16.When "Change" has been called please end any conversation and move to your next table.

17.North is responsible for passing on and obtaining new boards.

18.Watch for "Arrow Switch" when you may become North/South or East/West.

19.At the end of the evening, please assist by clearing your table into the relevant storage box.