Minutes of the AGM held on Monday 25th February 2019

Sue Gage, Sue Black, Judith Mancktelow, Robin Ewart, Ann Cottrell, Gerry Robbins, Shirley Hand

Minutes of AGM held on Monday 12th Feb 2018
These have been displayed online.

Proposer: Muriel Gomm
Seconded: Hilary Adamson
Approved unanimously.

Matters arising

Chairman’s Report AGM 2019
First of all on your behalf I would like to thank a few people.
My Committee for all their hard work in their various roles:
Judith for her patience in deciphering your writing and getting the results out so efficiently.
Muriel for being your telephone link and ensuring we can communicate with partners.
Anne for keeping us, some more than others, supplied with biscuits.
Alan for keeping us solvent.
Robin for always arriving early, along with others, to prepare the tables (and others for helping to
clear up).
Lindsey, who with her husband John, were founder members of this club and they have both
contributed so much over the years. Lindsey is not renewing her membership next year as she and
her sister hope to play at a day time venue. We shall miss her and for all her help in the past would
like her to accept this small gift with love and best wishes for the future.
Finally thank you also for our Tournament Directors Alan, Dennis, Robin and the two Davids.
Although this is sometimes a difficult job, it has helped that we all count our cards and move
quickly between tables. Could we all take responsibility that we when we move we check table
numbers and who is NS direction. Some members still need reminding to lead first before writing
the contract. Also could we try to change whether we are NS or EW so that we have different
opposition, and the same group are not always sitting out.
We must also thank Minchinhampton Golf Club for their warm and safe venue and the friendly Bar
Staff for their assistance throughout the year with particular reference to our End of Season
Christmas Party. This year everyone who was fit enough to attend did and by your comments all
thought that it was value for money.
At present we have 2 members, Jim Harrison and Anne Cottrell, who are on a sabbatical with
health and personal problems but we will be inviting 2 new people from the waiting list to replace
Lindsey and Hilary. The Club will remain with 60 members.
Finally I would like to congratulate the 2018 Club Champion Anna MacBean and the 2018 Most
Improved Player Shirley Hand.

Treasurer’s Report
Adoption of the Accounts
Proposed: Richard Bryan
Seconded: Tony Pleass
Adopted unanimously.

It was noted that our bank is now the TSB not the Cheltenham & Gloucester BS as stated in the
accounts. The very small amount of bank interest shown on the accounts was queried. The
chairman will discuss with the treasurer.

Alan raised the following points:
- The annual subscription should remain as is at £40
- Subscriptions should be paid within 4 weeks
- Cheques should be made payable to “Rodborough Bridge Club”
- It is the responsibility of members to pay for any guests without prompting from the treasurer

Election of Committee
Lindsey has resigned.
There were no new volunteers to join the committee. The remaining existing members had all
indicated their willingness to stand. It was therefore proposed that Angela, Alan, Judith, Muriel,
Anne and Robin be elected. This was agreed unanimously.

Dennis has proposed that we use a bell to alert everyone when to change tables. This is because
some people cannot hear the T.D.’s voice. It was seconded by Muriel and agreed unanimously.
Angela donated a bell.

Kathy advised that Anna and Nick Brojer, who top the waiting list for membership, do not wish to
join for around a year but would like to remain on the waiting list.
Kathy also advised that Shirley Hand has, or is about to, have a knee operation.

Derek proposed a vote to thanks to Angela and her committee.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 6:35pm